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The joy of global warming

Climate change can be good for us and we are wasting billions trying to fight it before we need to, writes environmental expert and economist Bjørn Lomborg [Note: This is from the UK Sunday Times of 31 March 2013. Although this is a personal blog and I do not usually repost articles from other sources, […]

Why did Greece fail?

With the Greek economic tragedy still unfolding, there have been countless analyses trying to explain it. Many of them are accurate but, being written mostly by professional journalists bound by political correctness, very few that dare to state the cruel truth as it really is: The majority of Greeks are morons. There, I said it. […]

Digital doesn’t necessarily mean good

We live in a digital age. Film, tape and vinyl, which we had for most of the 20th century, gave way to digital cameras, DVDs and MP3s. Very recently Kodak, the largest maker of photographic film, went bankrupt. London is switching off its analog TV signal is year. 4G mobile signals are going to drown […]

The Raspberry Pi pipe dream

Eleanor Mills‘s very interesting article in the last edition of the London Sunday Times started with her first contact with a computer: The buff cardboard box was put on the table with a flourish. Out of it came a green circuit board covered in weird black boxes and bits of copper wire. “It’s a computer,” […]

The spice of life? Spicy food.

In Greece, where I grew up, everyone is scared of “hot” food. Out of a whole national cuisine of hundreds of dishes, I can only think of one which gets close to piquant: tyrokafteri, a sort of soft cheese spread with just a tiny bit of mildly spicy green pepper. I used to be scared […]

Ioannes and John

A visitor to this blog recently commented that he found it ironic my name means “Jehovah is gracious” in Hebrew, and at the same time I had written a post criticising the Pope. Despite it sounding awesomely Biblical, I am Greek and Iōánnēs (Ιωάννης) is simply my actual given first name. In Greek it’s just […]

My iPad 2 Buying Experience

I am not an Apple fanboi. I got my first PC in 1989 and haven’t really used any other operating system except DOS/Windows and the occasional flavour of Unix. Until recently the only Apple products I had were a 1st generation iPod Nano (which they’ve now recalled because of safety issues) and a few years […]

Britain’s Anti-Catholicism is Justified

When the Pope comes to the lions’ arena UK on the 16th of September, it is probably going to be the most troublesome papal visit in history. One may wonder why that is. After all, Britain used to be Catholic too until the mid-16th century. But it was then that King Henry VIII, angry at […]